About us


Where does BCQ come from?

BCQ is an initiative of Hoplr to enable elderly people to continue living happily in their own homes for as long as possible. Our caretakers live near you and have set up a network of support (volunteers, neighbours, professionals, associations) that you can rely on with complete peace of mind. Do you have a question, a piece of advice, or do you need any help? Contact your concierge and she will be happy to help you.


Why an initiative for seniors?

Because despite the various existing initiatives, being a senior citizen today is sometimes a struggle. Who can you turn to for small daily aids? At what cost? How to manage the loss of autonomy? Is there an alternative to nursing homes? Is it possible to continue to live at home despite the small problems of everyday life? How can I best prepare for my old age at home? This is what we want to answer and provide a sustainable solution. Both for the seniors themselves and for their carers who, between running their own home and their parents, sometimes find themselves in difficult situations.

At the same time, being a senior citizen is also a fantastic opportunity to enjoy life. And that's where concierge services come into their own. We take care of the little problems of everyday life so that our subscribers can devote their energy to fulfilling their desires and living life to the full.


Why a local concierge service?

Because we believe it is crucial to be close to the people we help. We live in your neighbourhood on a daily basis, are in contact with the inhabitants and local actors. Whether you have a question, are looking for advice, or are looking for some kind of help, we are there to help you and to set up the necessary support with the actors in your neighbourhood.


Is BCQ only available to seniors?

No! The local concierge service should be understood as a building concierge service, but on a neighbourhood scale. We also have mothers who are overwhelmed between their family and professional life, people who have recently moved to the neighbourhood and are looking for good tips, residents who have just returned from hospital and need temporary support, families who call on us while they are away (on holiday or on business trips), etc.


Is the project linked to a community or municipal company, institution or other body?

No. BCQ is 100% neutral. We do not want any political, mutualist or institutional colour.


The DNA of the Conciergerie

Apart from the supervision and support of the seniors themselves, BCQ does not provide any services as such, but rather relays and promotes all that exists in your neighbourhood. In this way, the concierge service relies on the existing local actors and does its best to make them known to the inhabitants.


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