The Neighbourhood 

Always find affordable, reliable and local help, from 9.85 euro/month

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Our neighbourhood concierges

BCQ is an initiative from Hoplr to simplify and stimulate aid among neighbours.

The neighbourhood concierge keeps in touch with volunteers, neighbours and professionals within your local community. That way, you can always count on quick and reliable assistance.

Jesse Jesse
Pierre Pierre
Anastasia Anastasia

Meet our neighbourhood concierges or call us for more information.

“Neighbourhood concierge Annick is a sweetheart. She's very familiar with the neighbourhood and introduced me to some people who have been helping on a daily basis. Some of them have become friends.”
Jacqueline Jacqueline Retiree
“Thanks to our neighbourhood concierge Anne-Marie, my mom is happier than ever in her home. Anne-Marie has become part of the family and I am so grateful for her help.”
Sofie Sofie Caregiver
“It had become nearly impossible to find professionals that are both reliable and affordable. Now I'm confident that everything is being handled correctly and that prices are reasonable."
Frank Frank Young father

Neighbourhood concierges call on their network for:

Running Errands

Grocery shopping, picking up packages, trip to the pharmacy, ...

Computer problems and administration

Connecting a printer, updating software, doing taxes, banking, ...

Household chores

Unclogging a sink, hanging up curtains, replacing a light bulb, assembling a closet, ...

Car rides

Transport to the post office, doctor, bank, city hall, ...

Connect with your neighbourhood

Engage in local activities, keep in touch with local community life, talk to neighbours...

How does it work?



Intake conversation with the neighbourhood concierge

Time to get familiar with your needs and wishes.


Contact the neighbourhood concierge when you need help

Reach us by phone or through the app.


The neighbourhood concierge looks for the right solution

We have an extensive network of local, reliable people.


The neighbourhood concierge takes care of everything

Don't stress about follow-up or any other communication.


Contact the neighbourhood concierge via phone, app or watch
Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week through the application

The neighbourhood concierge connects you with the right people in your neighborhood



The neighbourhood concierge is not just there for you when you need help

  • Get acquainted during the intake conversation
  • You'll talk about your concerns and wishes in order to start building a network that fits your needs
  • The neighbourhood concierge makes sure all people in your network are reliable and...
  • ... keeps on expanding your network over time
  • The neighbourhood concierge gets in touch to see how you are doing on a regular basis

Choose the subscription that fits you


9.85 euro/month

  • Get in touch by phone or app
  • Personalised, certified and reliable network
  • Continuous monitoring and control
  • Secure transactions

BCQ Family

19.85 euro/month

  • Get in touch by phone or app
  • Personalised, certified and reliable network
  • Continuous monitoring and control
  • Secure transactions
  • Family access: available for up to 4 members

BCQ Watch

15.00 euro/month

  • BCQ connected watch
  • Standalone or with BCQ (Family) subscription
  • Alarm centre (Z-Plus subsription)
  • All-in: watch, SIM-card and Z-Plus

What is included?

You want to live in your own home and familiar environment for as long as you can. That comes with its challenges. How can you reassure your loved ones that you're safe? Who can you turn to for reliable help?



24 hours a day, 7 days a week

We're always available for information, advice or any type of emergency


Reliable and affordable network

Our network of neighbours and professionals is here to help.


Follow-up from start to finish

Relax, you can count on us to take care of everything.


Family access

The entire family can call on the neighbourhood concierge for help.


Alarm system in case of an emergency

Day or night, the alarm button puts you through to our 24/7 on-call service.


BCQ connected watch (optional)

Through BCQ Watch, you can keep in touch with the neighbourhood concierge at all times.

Rest assured, we're always here for you.