Neighbourhood Concierge

For those who want to live at home as long as possible....

...and for the ones who care about them


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Concierge is available by phone, via the app or the connected watch

A neighborhood concierge, what for?

  • First of all, the concierge knows your neighbourhood like no other 
  • Secondly, she ensures that you and your family have access to reliable and quality neighbourhood services
  • You can call her at any time for an information, an advice or a service request. She will be happy to assist you
  • A friendly team that cares about your well-being and accompanies you every day
Jesse Jesse
Pierre Pierre
Anastasia Anastasia

Get to know our concierges
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“Annick is my angel. She knows everyone in the neighborhood and thanks to her, I have been able to meet neighbors who help me on a daily basis. Some of them have become real friends”
Frank Frank Neighbour
“Thanks to our neighborhood Concierge Anne-Marie, my mom is living happier than ever in her home. Anne-Marie is part of the family now and I am so grateful to her for helping my mom in this way.”
Maria Maria Caregiver
“As new expatriate in Brussels, I knew nothing about my neighborhood. Meeting Carine was a real blessing. When I got in touch with my neighbors, I quickly felt part of my neighborhood ”
Jean-Baptiste Jean-Baptiste Neighbour

How does BCQ work?

Depending on your needs, the Concierge sets up a first network of trustable neighbors that you can rely on immediately



Meet your local concierge


Contact her when you need her (24/7)


We look for someone in your area who can best help you


We make sure that everything goes smoothly and that you are satisfied



Call the neighborhood concierge by phone, app or connected watch
We're available by phone 24/7, but you can also use our app for additional functionalities. Our smartwatches are also a great way to stay in touch at all times.

Who's BCQ for?


For those who want to be at home, happy, and as long as possible...

As we age, the small tasks of daily life can become more and more difficult to manage. BCQ is there to: 

  • help you with your shopping
  • accompany you to activities or appointments outside the home
  • help you with daily household tasks
  • let you know what's going on in your neighbourhood
  • simply visit you and have a coffee together
  • bring you what you need
  • allow you to simply enjoy life 
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...and for those who care about them

It's not always easy or possible to be there for your loved ones when they need us. By providing assistance in the home or on outings, BCQ gives families the opportunity to spend quality time together, without having all the logistics to manage. BCQ is there to:

  • relieve you when you are not available
  • allow you to sleep soundly knowing that someone is watching over your loved one
  • help you organize the help you want to give
  • ...
Become a parnter

The Concierge connects you with the right people in your neighborhood


As your neighborhood concierge, not only are we there for you when you need us, but we :

  • visit you first to get to know you
  • build together a first network of neighbors according to your wishes/needs
  • check up on you regularly to make sure you don't miss out on anything
  • we adapt this network as time goes by
  • we make sure that you are satisfied at all times

Your neighborhood has so much to offer




As your neighborhood Concierges, 

  • We keep you informed about what's going on near you
  • We connect you with people who care about each other
  • We are constantly informed of new initiatives in your neighborhood and energize the social fabric
  • We also use the Hoplr neighborhood network to connect you with your neighborhood

What exactly does BCQ include? 

When it comes to aging at home, it's sometimes difficult to know how to proceed. How can I best prepare myself? Is there help available near me? How can I organize myself to remain happy and independent in my own home? How can I combine freedom and security? 


You have access to the neighborhood concierge 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Let us help you. Our mission is to make sure you can live in your home as long as possible. 


A reliable and certified neighbor network

You can relax. Our network of neighbors and professionals are there to help you with a smile



A follow-up from start to finish by the concierge

Not only do we organise the services you need, but we make sure you are fully satisfied


An alarm system in case of emergency

Day or night, BCQ is at your side. Whatever happens (at home or away), the BCQ alarm button connects you to our 24/7 on-call service


The concierge checks up on you

Your concierge does not always wait for you to contact her. She also calls you proactively to check that you are not missing anything and to keep you up to date with the news in the neighbourhood


The BCQ application and the BCQ Gazette

You have access to our application and its practical features. In addition, every month, you will receive by mail the BCQ Gazette, which brings together news about your neighbourhood as well as the highlights of the concierge service 

Choose your subscription

44.99 euro/month

  • Access to the concierge 24/7
  • Trusted and certified network that evolves around your needs
  • An end-to-end follow up by the concierge

85.99 euro / month

  • Access to the concierge 24/7
  • Trusted and certified network that evolves around your needs
  • An end-to-end follow up by the concierge
  • Smart watch with alarm functionality

You can sleep relaxed
We are always available when you need us